Mental Health Nurse In Practice

The Western NSW Primary Health Network commissioned the NSWODGP to establish the MHNIP services, and through further collaboration with and co-investment by the Western Local Health District Mental Health Services, the NSWODGP has been successful in recruiting three MHNIP service providers to the region.

The NSWODGP provides Mental Health Nursing in Practice services from clinical hubs located in the Bourke, Cobar and Walgett Local Government Areas, situated in the rural and remote Western and North Western region of NSW.  The Mental Health Nurses service communities within 200 kms of each nominated site.

The MHNIP funded nurses  work closely with and seek to improve links with psychiatrists, general practitioners, the Western NSW LHD community menatal health services, regional ACCHOs, other clinical service providers and social care providers in the region. 

The MHNIP service provide psychosocial interventions, evidence-based psychological therapies, family and carer therapy and support, medication monitoring and management, risk assessment and monitoring, physical health assessment, health promotion, early intervention and management and appropriate referrals to other services. The MHNIP nurses monitor the patient’s mental state, manage their medication, and coordinate appropriate pathways for patients transitioning between acute and primary care services, consistent with the Mental Health Stepped Care approach. 

The MHNIP referral and intake process outlines patient eligibility to access the service.  Referrals to each service are managed in conjunction with General Practice or psychiatrists, either in the General Practice setting or as an outreach service support. The MHNIP service manages patients with severe and complex mental disorders during periods of significant disability. Each clinician provides General Practitioners and Psychiatrists with sufficient resources to enable clear determination of eligibility for the MHNIP services. MHNIP services adopt a standard intake and triage process.  Intake will also align with Western NSWLHD Mental Health protcols thereby ensuring that all referrals are addressed within approriate time frames for clients discharged from hospital. 

Where appropriate telehealth services will be utilised to overcome barriers to delivery of outreach care.  

Mental Health Support Services:

MHNIP Referral and Intake Process Mental Health Nurses