CPHCC - Brief History

In March 2008 Cobar was a town with no GP’s and a history of fragmented GP services. The local health committee invited the Division to help develop solutions and ultimately the Board endorsed a proposal to take over management of the recently constructed PHC building and alleviate the crisis facing this remote community. The NSW Outback Division operates the Cobar Primary Health Care Centre including provision of GP support services similar to the NSWRDN ‘easy entry gracious exit’ practice support framework. 

Although no independent or ‘establishment funding’ was available to the Division, the CPHCC has rapidly developed into a high-end GP lead primary care provider supporting GP’s, practice nurse’s, Aboriginal health worker’s and a wide variety of visiting specialist and allied health services. Management of the PHCC provides a unique opportunity to comprehend fully the general practice environment and presents the perfect framework to develop programs and knowledge.


Cobar Primary Health Care Centre Highlights

 ·   AgPal Accreditation Award winner at National Local Government awards (2009

·   Opening of the Allied Health Centre (adjacent the PHCC)

·   Recruitment and retention outcomes (3 out of 4 GP’s with FRACGP)

·   Successful introduction of visiting ultrasound services

·   Commencement of the Prince of Wales Outback Eye ophthalmic and optometry service and procurement of major capital equipment.

· Launch of the ‘Good Health Program’ for the Peak Gold mine in partnership with the National Heart Foundation.

· Assistance with the establishment and launch of the Bourke AMS Social and Emotional Well Being program.

·   Facilitation of VMO access and clinical privileges for all GP’s at the Cobar hospital.

·   Various CPD events including Cardio Vascular, CDSM and others.

·   Participation in the 4th wave of the APCC and improving management of chronic diseases



"Managing the CPHCC puts the Division at the coalface of contemporary general practice and whilst it has been extremely challenging, it has also been very gratifying to have an opportunity to work with such dedicated staff and deliver purely ‘home-grown’ PHC solutions for Cobar – the realities of breaking a remote bulk-billing practice even is tough but very rewarding and proof of concept”

Chair - Stuart Gordon

NSW Outback Division of General Practice