Regional Transport Coordination Service

The NSW Outback Division of General Practice Ltd (NSWODGP) will provide a Chronic Disease Transport Coordination Service focusing on supporting people with a chronic disease who are enrolled as part of the Western PHN Chronic Disease Management and Prevention (CDMP) program managed by the NSWODGP and for clients of the Outback Eye Service. 

The targeted Service group (Cohort) to be serviced under the proposed service will be People with chronic illness meeting the eligibility requirement under the CDMP program and the Outback Eye Service requiring transport coordination and information.  As part of the Regional Transport Coordination Service implementation process the NSWODGP is working in collaboration with key stakeholders such as the Outback Eye Service, NCOSS & NSW RDN.

The Regional Transport Coordination Service aims to remove organising transport as a barrier to patients accessing health care service appointments in Western NSW. Disadvantaged patients of the CDP and M Program and Outback Eye Service will be assisted to obtain full advantage of available transport.

The Transport Service Coordinator/s will liaise with enrolled practices and providers engaged in the CDMP program, Outback Eye Service, NCOSS and NSWRDN to ensure eligible patient support and access to the service.

The NSWODGP will provide a centralised service for patients needing support by providing them with information and options to:

  • book appropriate transport provided by internal and external transport stakeholders.
  • book health appointments to fit in with transport needs.
  • access detailed information about the options available for; transport, financial subsidy and overnight accommodation near regional health facilities.

The Transport Coordinators will provide desktop support during business hours Monday to Fridays, supported by an online Transport Coordination Service Information database that will be accessible to both providers and eligible clients outside of business hours.

Service exclusion:  The proposed service will not be making bookings on behalf of patients.

Implementation Timeline:  The first six months of the project period will be dedicated to the development of transport service mapping and database, information and communications material and infrastructure development, engagement and education of key stakeholders.  As the service capability develops during this time, partial/limited direct transport coordination services will be introduced, with full functionality of coordination services expected by 30th December, 2017.